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But seriously... here are all of my favorite things for photography, marketing, business, and a life in general!

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Presets By Kimgirl

Have professionally edited phone pics in few taps for under $10 with my signature LR Mobile color + black and white presets!

coming soon...

before - raw photo

after - BKG COLOR

after - BKG BW

I need some images to test these on before they officially go on sale.
Click here to submit your info and 5-10 images. When they're ready, you'll get first dibs!

Customizable Templates

attorney-approved contracts, canned emails, and the the tools that will automate your biz so you can make more $$ and focus on what you love to do.

too legit to quit.

Contract templates for Photographers,  in Michigan.

I teamed up with my attorney to draft comprehensive done-for-you contracts that will protect your Michigan-based biz and impress your potential clients. Customize my templates in Google Docs or Word and then add them to your CRM*

Customizable Templates

* Wait...what's a CRM? Why do you need one? I got you
Boo! Click here to learn more about them + snag a sweet discount.

Coming Soon - By Kimgirl Presets for Lightroom Mobile


How I Keep My Businesses Organized

Be honest... do you even workflow?

If you answered "no." or "huh?" I'm about to change your life. Customer Relationship Managers, CRMs for short, allow you to have all of your contracts, canned emails, packages, proposals, invoices, projects, and client information allll in one place. AND they allow you to create automated workflows so that certain aspects of your business can run on auto-pilot.

"slay the day the dubsado way"

top pick!

As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Dubsado has completely changed my life and saved me sooo much time.

You can have multiple brands under the same account, connect Stripe or Paypal so you get paid fast, track your time, set financial goals, and create workflows customized for any project or lead.

You can start for free and upgrade when the time is right. Use code BYKIMGIRL to save 20% off your first month or your first year of Dubsado

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"community over competition"

for photogs

Invoicing, contracts, payments and more, all in one place.

Honeybook has seriously stepped up and now offers scheduling, branded invoices, contracts, and proposals, all-in-one. Plus you'll have The Rising Tide Society Community that is built-in to their app so you can collaborate and find work in your industry!

You can try Honeybook free for 7 days, and then enjoy 25% off your first year when you click the button below.

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If you're a photographer, you need Pic-Time to deliver your online galleries.

Gallery + Store + Automated Marketing + Portfolio + Reviews + Slideshows -- all in one. They support video and GIFs too. Yes, I'm for real.

They offer a 30 day free trial to get you started (no credit card required) AND you can get a free month when you upgrade to a plan using my discount code: MHZX96

P.S. if you're using Pixieset, Smugmug, ShootProof, CloudSpot, ZenFolio, Instaproofs, or Pass+ like I was, they will migrate your galleries for you.

The BEST Online Photo Gallery Delivery System

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Ready to upgrade (or start)
your email marketing?

try flodesk for 50% off

why I love Flodesk

One monthly price, unlimited subscribers: unlike competitors, Flodesk doesn’t penalize you for growing your list. Whether you’re looking to start a small newsletter or build an email marketing empire, you pay the same monthly price. 


Creative freedom: For the first time ever in email marketing, you can use custom fonts and image collages. Yes please! On-brand marketing is SO powerful... and you can easily change it up when you need to.


Click and Drag Email Builder: Want to look like you have an entire marketing team crafting and coding your every email? Their click and drag email builder
makes it easier than ever to create beautifully branded
emails (no coding required).


No more tag confusion: You can see which of your subscribers are most engaged, what they signed up for, what they clicked on, there’s tons of data automatically
captured for you. And you have full segmentation capabilities!


Opt-ins + Automations: You can set up multiple landing pages right in Flodesk! Create a freebie, share the link to the landing page, set up your workflow and Flodesk will literally do the rest.