I am here to document your body and soul, stretch marks and all.

all bodies are beautiful.

all bodies are beautiful.

all bodies are beautiful.

all bodies are beautiful.



"The perfect boudoir session... all that and then some! I always said I would do a boudoir session if I could just do it with my best friend so I was comfortable.

Kim you nailed it, helping me sort the outfits to fit the scene and mood right, doing my hair, gradually allowing me to warm up to it, and the prompted questions to make this more than just photos.

I can't wait to do this again!"

"This was such an amazing experience. Kim made me feel so comfortable doing something that was totally outside my comfort zone. She was so non-judgmental, encouraging, an excellent coach in posing, and made me feel so confident. She is extremely talented in her craft. The reason I booked the session is as a gift to my fiance for the wedding, but I feel like I got so much more than simply some sexy photos out of the experience. It made me feel comfortable in my own skin and truly feel beautiful, and that isn't something that happens every day." 

"This session was so much more than a photo shoot. It’s crazy how freeing it was and how much you are able to look inward and appreciate yourself again. I always love working with you, but this was just an entirely different and new experience that I would definitely do again! I plan to get a book printed for the hubs, and to look back at these photos and remember how I felt in those small moments when I need a reminder that I’m a bad bitch. 💁🏻‍♀️"

"The atmosphere of the studio & Kim were so inviting. I never take pictures. Like not even selfies. So to have a boudoir session was a huge thing for me and completely out of my element but I actually felt SO beautiful and empowered. The reasoning behind my shoot was for my husband but at the end I think it was something that I personally really needed. Being a mom, I don’t really think about myself and don’t take the time to compliment my body. Kim made me feel present and absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be doing it again in the future!"

"The shoot was SO empowering! For me this was all about body positivity. For so many years I have struggled to love the body I'm in and I've finally found my confidence. Yes, I still have rolls on my body, but I've learned to embrace them. This body has carried me through a hard life. And I am dang proud of how far I have come. Kim, thank you for an awesome morning and such a fun, amazing boudoir shoot! I had an absolute blast!"